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Job: DJ (No Experience)

Title DJ (No Experience)
Salary $25-$45 / Hour
Start Date 2020-07-10
Location Southern California ONLY
Job Information

Our List of Musts:

-You must Check out and Check in sound system, music, wireless microphone and custom lighting effects from office.

-You must own and insure your own vehicle and one that is in excellent mechanical condition. When a client’s wedding is your destination, you have to be there on time. No room for error.

-You must be the type of person who strives for 100% client satisfaction every time. If you only give 90% we are sorry but we are not interested in you at this time.

-You must Pass a DJ Class with our company

-You must be the type of person who can motivate others to have FUN through the strength of your personality, your excellent choice of music, reading the crowd, and most importantly, honoring the wishes and requests of the client.

-You must understand and respect the decorum of a wedding ceremony and have experience performing at them, as this is one of the services we provide our clients in addition to performing at their reception.

-You must also respect the clergy when performing a ceremony or interacting with them at a reception event. These devoted individuals serve a vital role in our society and deserve your utmost respect at all times.

-You must possess an open mind regarding and broad knowledge of all types of music. Our DJ’s play what our clients wish to hear. Not what the DJ wishes to hear.

-You must be the type of person who is ALWAYS on time. Every time. We require you to arrive at the venue a full 75 minutes prior to the first tune being played. A full 75 minutes. Not 65, not 60. A full 75 minutes. Also, we promise our clients that our DJ’s will start the music 10 minutes early if they want us to.

-You must be professional in appearance, speech, and demeanor at all times at events, not only with the client but also with our friends and co-workers in this business, banquet hall managers, catering companies, photography firms, etc. We do not allow a DJ to consume any alcohol, smoke a cigarette, take a break, solicit tips, or exhibit any other unprofessional behaviors at events.

-We apologize sincerely if these “Musts” offend you in any way. But we feel strongly that it would be better to risk offending a potential new DJ than to risk offending even one of our clients. We hope you understand and wish you success in the future be that with us or otherwise. Take good care of yourselves and those whom you love most dearly in your lives.

Basic Setup:
(2 Speakers, LED Dance lights, DJ System in Cases, Wireless Mic, Speaker Stands, and Light Stands)
We pay extra for extra Gear…

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